Bone Graft

When it comes to maintaining your oral health and achieving a confident smile, a strong foundation is key. Unfortunately, issues such as tooth loss, trauma, or periodontal disease can lead to bone loss in the jaw. This can affect your ability to receive dental implants or even jeopardize the stability of your remaining teeth. Thankfully, bone grafting offers a solution to rebuild and restore your jawbone, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile once more.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a specialized surgical procedure designed to augment or regenerate bone in areas where it has been lost or is insufficient. During this procedure, bone graft material, which can come from various sources, is placed in the targeted area to stimulate the body’s natural bone regeneration process. Over time, the graft material integrates with your existing bone, providing a strong foundation for various dental treatments, such as dental implants, or improving the stability of your natural teeth.